Monday, 16 August 2010

A similar dress...

Hello again :)
It has been a while since I did any posting on here, I've been enjoying myself rather too much on holiday in Cornwall...

I recently received an email from one of my blog's lovely readers, Paolina.
She has made her own lace collar, using the DIY I made in this post :)
It's really wonderful, check out her little post here! It really made me smile getting such lovely feedback from a reader, Thank you Paolina! :)

But back to the post...

I made this little dress a while ago now, but I seem to have taken a rather long time to post about it!
I bought a rather huge denim maxi dress from a car boot sale, reduced the hem a considerable amount and took it in by making darts front and back to give a more shapely fit.

I then added some lace around the neckline to create a peter pan collar (...I really must stop making things with peter pan collars, I have too many!!) and popped a little cameo brooch in the middle. I have worn it a couple of times with a brown zara cardigan, and my mum's old leather belt that she has had since she was 12!



  1. Sophie, I love it. I wonder if you could make one for me? xx

  2. i have a dress identical to this, it was a maxi dress too, and i added darts also. i might have add a lace collar too, this looks darling! x

  3. That dress is fab, I need to get some sewing skills!

  4. I love the blend of the denim and the lace! So inspiring - your blog is kicking me back into action after a whole summer of no sewing! x

  5. you are so talented! i love the way you make (and photograph!) clothes -

    I am so inspired by your peter pan collar editions - i'm trying to incorporate more peter pan styles into my wardrobe but im finding they are hard to come by! i am going to try and do it DIY. thank you for the tip!!

  6. Wow! You are really gifted.. I try and do things like this all the time but it never works... keep on posting pretty things like this though, they are really special!
    xo. Nina