Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blue Gingham

I have been spending so much time making fun summer memories and enjoying my holidays, that I have not had much time for any sewing!

Here is a dress that I have recently made from a small 1 meter piece of fabric that I aquired from a sweet old lady a car boot sale (for just 50p!) She had a huge box containing her personal fabric stash, and I found it very hard not to come away with the whole lot! :)

I used an adapted basic dress block pattern that was originally the 'Basic One-Piece Dress Sloper' from the Burda Style website, and shortened it, and changed the arm holes an the neckline.

I also added a little frilly lace peter pan collar, to make it look a bit like a 60's style shift dress.

Belt - Matalan

**eep, slight correction, it may have been about 1.5 meters! I cannot really remember, but it seems rather unrealistic that I made it from just 1 meter...oops!

I have a few more things to show you soon!



  1. I can't believe you made that with just one metre! Once again I am blown away by your amazing creations :)

    And that collar is just perfect!


  2. I echo Sadie! How can this be made with so little?

    Lace Peter Pan collar on gingham! Genius, Sophie. Your work looks effortless.

  3. wow, I have just found your blog and what you do is fantastic!
    i follow you.
    love the beautiful dress

  4. What a sweet dress! I love my jewellery making, but I wish I could sew and make clothes too!

  5. this is beautiful and your blog is gorgeous, now following!

  6. so cute!!! i love how clean and neat the whole things looks 8D