Friday, 27 August 2010

A little embroidered beach bag

Before I went off on my camping holiday to Cornwall with my boyfriend & his family, I spent a few evenings doing a bit of embroidery :) I did the design freehand, which made it abit messy... (I like to call it 'adding character')

I then stitched this onto some heavy duty calico that I had left over from my university fabric stash,
and made a simple rectangular tote bag with 2 straps.

I stitched around the edge of the square of embroidery and around the edges of the handles with blanket stitch in blues and greens :)
It is a little creased in the pictures, because it was very well used on holiday! It was the perfect size for my swimsuit, suncream and sketchbook.

I'd love to make some more of these in different designs to sell!



  1. This is so sweet!

    And the mention of your 'uni fabric stash' reminded me that I have a 'college fabric stash' of calico left over from my college course a couple of years back! I got scared that after spending 2 years using calico every week, I'd never ever find any ever again (even though it's available in EVERY fabric shop around!). I made sure I took enough home with me on my last day to last a good while, along with some pattern paper and fabric chalk!

    Anyway, that tote is beautiful. So simple in design but sooo cute!

  2. You are a very talented lady, such a cute bag!