Saturday, 29 October 2011

Second year making project #1

Here's the photos of my final pieces that I made for my first making project in my second year of uni. I posted about my toiles for project a while ago now (oops!) here, but I thought you may like you see the final outcomes :)

So, the first one is the cable knit wool & jersey mix jumper. I used a mottled beige wool with brown flecks within it, which I think went well with the light brown jersey I used for the body and arms. I added some ribbed cuffs, neckline and hem:

.. it's rather warm, and I've worn it a few times after getting it back! :)

Secondly, the knitted wool flower corset dress:

I used the knitting machine to create strips of knit, and then turned these into knitted roses. I used a wool/ribbon colour palette of neutrals and browns & used a nude colour fabric for the base dress, to create the illusion the wearer was only wearing the flowers.

I must admit this was the one garment I was really not happy with (there is always at least one!) because the roses were rather heavy in a large quantity and made the dress hang strangely around the skirt & hem area!

Then on the back, I created a lace-up corset effect fastening with eyelets and ribbon. This made the dress tight fitting on the wearer so the roses would not make the dress hang strangely!

And next, the taupe bell/bishop sleeve blouse with 2 detachable peter pan collars:

The first collar was made from Aida fabric, and decorated with cross stitch, using the pattern from my grandma's carpet! (See this post for a picture) I used bias binding around the edge, and continued it on to create a bow fastening at the front. The collar attached to the blouse using 2 poppers either size of the zip fastening at the back of the neck.

Cross stitch close up:

The blouse fastens with an invisible zip at the centre back:

The second detachable collar was made from the vintage tapestry fabric. I used a lighter binding on the edges for this one for contrast, and also made it into a neck tie in the middle.

And finally... the tapestry shorts- made from the vintage tapestry curtains shown previously. These are probably my favourite of all the garments I made for this project, and I have also worn these a few times since! They come up quite high on the waist, but that just makes it nice and comfy :)

Close up of the little custom labels that I had made- I sew these into everything I make now! :)

Set of 4 'grandad' type leather buttons on the front for detail.

Rather late for posting all of this...but what do you think?