Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My new re-invention project...

This is a dress I picked up in a charity shop on my Cornwall adventures.
Its rather large, but I fell in love with the pattern, the colour and the collar :)

Here's the dress in all it's large glory. Keep an eye out for the after pictures...



  1. Can't wait to see what you do with it!! It's beautiful already, so it will be truly stunning once you've worked your magic :D xxx

  2. I'm super excited to see what you turn this into!

    That print! That color! and that collllllaarrrr!

    Some things are just too wonderful to wait for. ((folds arms)) ^_^

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  4. Oh, one more thing! Hey, Sophie? Do you know how to alter vintage patterns?

  5. Dear, I just found out your blog. It's lovely!
    I absolutely adore the things you make, you are incredibly talented =)

  6. It's such a lovely pattern. I love it.

  7. Oh dear! I must say this is the prettiest blog! I'm supposed to be getting things done (cleaning etc) but you have made me want to get out the sewing kit and try a few projects!
    I just adore your blog, can't beleive this is my first visit to it!

    Ayesha xx