Friday, 15 January 2010

DIY Lace Peter Pan Collar :)

Fat amounts of uni work has been preventing me from making things! :(
But, deadlines are nearly out of the way,
so here's my most recent sewing project...

I recently discovered LouLou Loves You,
and I wanted one of the pretty collars so badly! But unfortunately, £40 is slightly out of my 'poor student' budget, so I set about making my own :)

I drew my own pattern on a piece of white cotton, slightly based on the collar pattern I used for my peter pan collar on my recent DIY 60's dress.

I cut out 4 pieces of the white collar pieces and pinned them together in two pairs.
I used some lace trimming, thread and back ribbon as decoration:

After sewing the white collar pieces around the outside,
(leaving the thin end open, and pinning in about 30cm of black ribbon into the other end)
and turning it inside out, I got this!
I had to hand sew the open end up after turning it in the other way, and I then stitched them both together to get the collar shape...

I used this as the base for my collar.
I then hand sewed three rows (using about 2m) of this lace:

onto each side, spacing them equally.

After quite a long session of hand sewing, here is what I ended up with:
(Very pleased with the outcomee!!)

The front,

The back,

I've been trying it on with a few of my dresses, turns out it seems to go with most of them!
AND it cost about £3.



What do you think?


  1. I'd love to see how the collar looks with some dresses. It's a cute idea!

  2. Very lovely! Has a very Chanel vibe (without being over other the top) with the black on white and all of the ruffles.

  3. It's very pretty indeed, but it's really not a Peter Pan collar once you've added lace and ribbon to the basic shape.

  4. Love it! I wish I could wear that sort of thing, but I have not been genetically endowed with a neck. No neck + high ruffled collar = verrryyyy bad idea.

  5. Aaah what a bargain! I seriously need to have a go at making one of these. The hand stitching puts me off, but it looks like it's definitely worth it!


  6. That is crazy!!!! I am in the midst of making a loulou loves you copycat collar! haha, Your's looks fabulous! :) ♥

  7. It turned out so well! First I was skeptical because I couldn't even remember what a Peter Pan color would look like but you end result is fabulously purchase-worthy. I think I'm too athletic-looking to pull this off but I'm sure you look great in it!

  8. I love people who sew, you know? who use their imagination to create what they want, I love this and I love your blog, I'm linking you up and following you..

    oh also, about the peter pan collar jumper, I have made a dark green one with an embroidered cream peter pan collar so no worries, it will be up non my flickr soon.. xxx

  9. That is amazing i must say. i love it and the black ribbon and lace is so gorgeous. i have been drooling over this collar for a while now and you have inspired me to try to make one of my own! keep doing what you're doing! i love it!

  10. This is nice, great job on this diy, I really like the pattern shape you used :)
    I reconstructed an old turtleneck into a top with lace panels and a petercpan collar, please check It out: