Sunday, 29 August 2010

A dress for a wedding party :)

Oop, I keep making things and not posting them!
I made this a while ago for my cousin's wedding party back in May.
A wanted a nice summery floral number that wasn't too fancy, and could be worn to many other occasions.

I used the Basic Dress Sloper Pattern that I used again whilst making this dress, adapting the neckline and armholes.
I improvised a little bit with the skirt, making this shape x 6:
Which is quite easy to draw yourself using a large ruler onto a piece of newspaper.
I then attached the 6 skirt panels together and onto the bodice part of the dress and made a waistband from cream satin.
I hand stitched up the arm holes and the hem, and put a zip into the back!

Here is the finished dress :)

A little close up of the fabric. Its an old-ish looking floral pattern, with a teal/turquoise background, bought from my local saturday market for about £2.75/m!

It suited the occasion quite well. I hope I have an opportunity to wear it again before the winter comes!



  1. That dress is gorgeous, you should definetly start selling some of your bits if you don't already xXx

  2. Oh my, that is amazing. Those colours are sooo nice!