Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hello telescope necklace

Here's a little necklace that I recently put together.
It makes me feel like a pirate explorer when I put it up to my eye :)

I also thought I would attempt to take a picture through it:

Didn't work so well :( But nevermind!


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The bargain cardigan...

I found this big fat green woollen cardigan at a car boot for 20p!
I thought it needed a little jazziness so I added some gold buttons that look like Viennese whirls,
and also a lovely little bouquet cameo brooch, which I also nabbed at a recent car boot sale for 50p :)
(Is it just me or is it strange the brooch cost more than the cardigan?!)

So here it was before, plain green plastic buttons:

Then just as I was taking pictures, in comes the sibling and the cat to be very helpful...

And here's the cardigan, and fancy and whatnot :)

Possibly needs a little bit of de-bobbling, but for 20p you can't really go wrong, no?

I have another tiny thing that I put together to show you tomorrow!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

mmm, buttons!

Look what my wonderful boy bought back for me!

A jar full of beautiful buttonssss!


I have big plans for these lovelies. I'll show you tomorrow...


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Styling project: Final Layout!

A little later than I had hoped to post this, I have been busybusy!
Enjoy :)

The brief for this project was to choose any fashion publication, and style a photo shoot to end up as a 5 page fashion spread.
Naturally, I chose Lula magazine :)
I edited the pictures from the previous post to give them a dreamy, magical look, and arranged them into a 5 page spread, with a title and footnotes.

My final layout is shown below!

Photography- Jon Ridley (
Model- Jess Folan
Styling- Me!

(Font used can be found here)

What do you think? I'm really pleased with it :D


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Final photographs for my styling project photo shoot!

Here are the final 5 photos from my 'Organic Ambience' photo shoot!

Photography - Jon Ridley (See his work on his Flickr)

Styling- Me

Model- Jess

(Please note, do not copy these photos without permission! ©)

I'm really pleased with how they turned out!
I'll be posting my final spread tomorrow, complete with editing and magazine layout!


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Things I made for my styling photo shoot....

Here's some pictures of the things I made for my photo shoot styling project for uni :)
My theme/words of inspiration for the shoot were 'Organic Ambience'.
The photos have been taken and will be shared once they're edited and ready!

Firstly, this was a hugely long trench coat (bought from ebay for the tiny price of 99p!), that I adapted by pulling it in at the waist with pleats/gathers, and gathered up the edges to create a ruffle effect. I styled it with an old leather waist belt :)

Also shown above is a head garland that I made by twisting together some artificial flowers from Dunelm :)

Secondly, (another 99p purchase from ebay!) a nude coloured boned corset, that I added some plastic ivy and rose leaves to, and some ribbon roses that I made myself :)

...and lastly, my handmade paper bag style 'sack' skirt, made from Hessian, bought by the metre at Hobbycraft. I also made a bow to be used as a large headpiece, but in the end I didn't use it for the shoot!

Styled with a black elastic rose belt, originally bought from New Look a few years ago

I shredded it a little at the edges to make it look a little more 'organic' :)

Keep an eye out for my final photos from the photo shoot!


Friday, 2 April 2010

My Beijing Buys...

So here they are...
I could have bought so much, but I had to resist temptations of buying multiple bags, many pairs of shoes, and lots of general accessories and jewelleryy!

Firstly, this amazing little watch pendant I picked up at the silk market for just £5! (I am noting my seeming obsession with buying watch/clock orientated jewellery...)

It's awesome, it's wind up, and you can see all the little cogs whirring around inside it! Its quite fun to wind up and watch :)

(apologies for the bad pictures, my camera is not feeling very well)

Some beauutiful leather journals (in a variety of sizes- they were very good value, why not?)

...with lovely handmade paper parchment inside

They're so lovely I'm afraid to write or draw in them in case I spoil them!
There will be a use for them soon, I am sure :)

Andd last but not least,
my wonderful 'Mulberry' Mini Alexa Handbag
(I write that with inverted commas as I have reason to believe it isn't the real thing, and you can probably guess why...
because it's from China! But who knows? Anyway, it's beautiful, and I love it, Its genuine leather and yes. I love it. It's so soft and just happens to go with everything :)!)

Ahh! lovely.


I'll be posting my handmade/refashioned items that I have recently been creating for my uni photoshoot project very soon! Keep an eye out.
The pictures from the shoot today may even be up soon too!
Excitinggggggg stuff :)


*P.s, Happy Easter Everyone!*

Busy busy busy... & Beijing!

It has been a very long time without posting I'm afraid to say... But I have much to share!
I've had so much work to do for university, including a photoshoot for my imaging & communication unit, which I will share more with you about later on :)

BUT! on the 16th March, I went on an amazing trip to Beijing with uni!
It was incredible, such a strong cultural difference, and quite scary in parts, but I had such a good time, and bought some lovely things.

We visited the Great Wall of China...

The Forbidden City...

We went to the Minzu University Beijing, visited the fashion students, got to see some of their amazing work and also their facilities!

Went shopping (lots) at the markets...

and at the verrry cheap fabric markets (yay!- most things were between £1-£2/m)...

Had a look around the classic Chinese shops, Hello Kitty and Panda House...

...and experienced the crazy traffic and equally crazy taxi drivers!

SUCH an amazing week. I'm so glad I went, it's probably a once in a lifetime chance to experience everything I saw/did :)

(A few of us on the great wall... stolen from facebook!)

Will be sharing my purchases with you very soon!