Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Styling project: Final Layout!

A little later than I had hoped to post this, I have been busybusy!
Enjoy :)

The brief for this project was to choose any fashion publication, and style a photo shoot to end up as a 5 page fashion spread.
Naturally, I chose Lula magazine :)
I edited the pictures from the previous post to give them a dreamy, magical look, and arranged them into a 5 page spread, with a title and footnotes.

My final layout is shown below!

Photography- Jon Ridley (www.flickr.com/jon_ridley)
Model- Jess Folan
Styling- Me!

(Font used can be found here)

What do you think? I'm really pleased with it :D



  1. I think it turned out BRILLIANTLY.
    Sophie, really! Top notch! And so high fashion professional!

  2. Great job! The photo's turned out great and the I really like the font

  3. OMG this looks amazing

    you are very talented!!!

    Well done

    Char x

  4. Neat! I love the photo editing--did you use a special filter?