Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The bargain cardigan...

I found this big fat green woollen cardigan at a car boot for 20p!
I thought it needed a little jazziness so I added some gold buttons that look like Viennese whirls,
and also a lovely little bouquet cameo brooch, which I also nabbed at a recent car boot sale for 50p :)
(Is it just me or is it strange the brooch cost more than the cardigan?!)

So here it was before, plain green plastic buttons:

Then just as I was taking pictures, in comes the sibling and the cat to be very helpful...

And here's the cardigan, and fancy and whatnot :)

Possibly needs a little bit of de-bobbling, but for 20p you can't really go wrong, no?

I have another tiny thing that I put together to show you tomorrow!

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  1. oooh i do love to customise. I recently added gold buttons to a velvet blazer :)