Friday, 2 April 2010

Busy busy busy... & Beijing!

It has been a very long time without posting I'm afraid to say... But I have much to share!
I've had so much work to do for university, including a photoshoot for my imaging & communication unit, which I will share more with you about later on :)

BUT! on the 16th March, I went on an amazing trip to Beijing with uni!
It was incredible, such a strong cultural difference, and quite scary in parts, but I had such a good time, and bought some lovely things.

We visited the Great Wall of China...

The Forbidden City...

We went to the Minzu University Beijing, visited the fashion students, got to see some of their amazing work and also their facilities!

Went shopping (lots) at the markets...

and at the verrry cheap fabric markets (yay!- most things were between £1-£2/m)...

Had a look around the classic Chinese shops, Hello Kitty and Panda House...

...and experienced the crazy traffic and equally crazy taxi drivers!

SUCH an amazing week. I'm so glad I went, it's probably a once in a lifetime chance to experience everything I saw/did :)

(A few of us on the great wall... stolen from facebook!)

Will be sharing my purchases with you very soon!


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  1. Ahh you're so lucky!! This looks absolutely brilliant - I'm very jealous :).