Friday, 2 April 2010

My Beijing Buys...

So here they are...
I could have bought so much, but I had to resist temptations of buying multiple bags, many pairs of shoes, and lots of general accessories and jewelleryy!

Firstly, this amazing little watch pendant I picked up at the silk market for just £5! (I am noting my seeming obsession with buying watch/clock orientated jewellery...)

It's awesome, it's wind up, and you can see all the little cogs whirring around inside it! Its quite fun to wind up and watch :)

(apologies for the bad pictures, my camera is not feeling very well)

Some beauutiful leather journals (in a variety of sizes- they were very good value, why not?)

...with lovely handmade paper parchment inside

They're so lovely I'm afraid to write or draw in them in case I spoil them!
There will be a use for them soon, I am sure :)

Andd last but not least,
my wonderful 'Mulberry' Mini Alexa Handbag
(I write that with inverted commas as I have reason to believe it isn't the real thing, and you can probably guess why...
because it's from China! But who knows? Anyway, it's beautiful, and I love it, Its genuine leather and yes. I love it. It's so soft and just happens to go with everything :)!)

Ahh! lovely.


I'll be posting my handmade/refashioned items that I have recently been creating for my uni photoshoot project very soon! Keep an eye out.
The pictures from the shoot today may even be up soon too!
Excitinggggggg stuff :)


*P.s, Happy Easter Everyone!*


  1. Your bag is amaaazing!

    I hate you! Well, I don't, but my gosh you have such an eye for pretty things!

  3. Awesome!!! Everything is fantastic. I also got 2 very good fake Mulberry bags when I was in Thailand! Yours is gorgeous.

  4. ahh thankyou for replying to me honeybee. I may also add those watches look fabulous! You really are influencing me to do more making things now hhehe... So do you live around London? Or did you just visit for the day?? Happy Easter! xx

  5. Hay girl! Its the first time that I visit your blog and I really love it! Great style!

    Please check my blog too!

  6. Happy Easter, Sophie! CHINA! How WONDERFUL! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

    That wind-up watch. Really. It's too good! I love how you can watch its cogs turn! As I necklace, I think I'd be touching it, checking it every 5 minutes because I loved it so much, but that could be the OCD in me.

    Are you also afraid to write in your notebooks? What is it about that pristine handmade paper?! Ohso inviting but yet ohso vulnerable to bad writing and misspelled word corrections! (x_x ')

  7. ohmigoshhh, that clock pendant = GORGEOUS!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog & sorry for my late reply... I've been super busy! but I'm back to daily posting now!