Monday, 1 February 2010


So, long time no posting! :( This has been due to a rather lots of work and a looming deadline, (which has now passed) BUT!
I am officially now free to start a few projects I have been waiting to start, and am very excited about :) I have a rather large bag of fabric just waiting to be set upon...

So until then, I shall share with you a few of the purchases that I made over the weekend-

I have been after a pocket watch for years now, and finally found one that I could afford! Just about...
This wonderful pocket watch is from Topshop, and cost me £18!
(Usually £20, I love my student discount card)

I've worn it every day, ever since bought it :)

Now I have a bit of time, I can start some bedtime reading again! The two books are 'Grandma's Wisdom' by Lee Faber- this is a charming little book full of random tips and advice that only a Grandma would know! I have a feeling I will discover some very useful things from it :)
The second is 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov- I have read a lot about this book on other blogs, and I was intrigued...

...and THESE pretties, are my looovely new Laura Ashley wellies :) They're from Homebase of all places?! I wanted some festival wellies for the summer, as attending a festival is on my 'to do' list for the summer holiday, and I'm already getting excited :D

Ooh, and I received a blog award from Miss Kavita @ iheartvintagex !

Thank you :)

& the conditions are, I must pass it on to 6 other blogs that I think deserve it too...

So here goes!


Keep a look out for my upcoming makingss!


  1. it s so beautiful the clock...
    and your boots are amazing...

  2. Lolita is great! I like it very much.
    And also it is that watch? I don't know, but it's beautiful.


  3. oooo yummy pocket watchh!!!
    i may have a gander at those books! they sound good :)
    cute blog!! xxx

  4. Such a beautiful watch, and Lolita is an itriguing book to say the least! I hope you enjoy it x

  5. Sophie, the pocket watch is really wonderful! It looks so lovely. I've wanted one of these forever and I found myself buying two small ones in Bangkok for...??? $10 or so each???...but I had to give them away as Christmas presents. Fail.

    I know it seems totally unrelated, but you might enjoy reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran" for great insights into Lolita after you're done! I think you would love it. I found it fascinating and it made me want to read Lolita even more (haven't yet). Tell us how Lolita is when you finish!


  6. No problem, you deserve that award sweetie! Lovely pocket watch necklace, I think you should make your own though, cause you have such a grea nack for making things! I made my own and it cost next to nothing!
    I do LOVE this necklace though :) xxxx

  7. I love that pocket watch, it is beautiful

    Thankyou for your lovely comment about my photographs on my blog, so sweet


  8. I am so jealous of your pocket watch necklace, I've seen it in store too and its just so adorable, great choice. That Grandma's Wisdom book also looks brilliant, you'll have to let me know about any handy hints!

    Kitty x