Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another handmade dresss! :)

So, I've been doing a fabulous amount of procrastinating with my uni work,
and spending the time on things like this...

My new gathered waist, long sleeved vintage-y print dress!
I made the pattern by pinning various bit of newspaper to myself and cutting it to fit.
Not the most professional ways of making a dress, buuuuut it fits me perfectly!

It has a high slash neckline, with puffy long sleeves, and a loosely gathered waist

Made from a lovely browny-beige floral print fabric,
which I got on sale for £1.99/m :)!

...and showing the sleeve and cuff close up.

I'm thinking of using this dress in my next project for uni- we're meant to compile a 5 page fashion spread for a magazine of our choice. (I'm still deciding on this!) We must style the shoot, choose a location and collaborate with a photography student from our university!

We were also told to go to stylemixer.com and get ourselves a title, and I chose
'Organic Ambience' - so I think the browny, earth tones may suit the title!

More on that later, I must get back to my research :)


  1. Your dress looks so great, Sophie!
    I think my favorite part is the cinched waist; It's makes the brown floral unexpectedly fabulous.
    Does it zip up the back?


  2. I love the fabric that you chose. Looks lovely.

  3. That material is SO nice. I'm very jealous that you got it for that price!

    Love the shape of the dress as well - there's something very sophisticated about slash necklines!


  4. Wow! Gorgeous fabric! And brilliant style! Would love to see it on you.

  5. I have nominated your for the Kreativ blogger award and here is the link http://sewithought.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/my-first-award/. Yay!