Friday, 19 February 2010

London Fashion Week, Day #1

After an incredibly early start, I arrived at Somerset House in the morning!
I spent most of my day printing out exhibition passes, re-stocking show bags generally helping people with information on the event :)

The thing I definitely enjoyed most throughout the day, was watching everyone coming in and out, and witnessing some of the most awesome/crazy/incredible outfits! There was so much style in the room I was not quite sure what to do with myself... I wish we were allowed to take pictures! Alasss, due to the fact I was working, I was not allowed to use my camera :(
BUT! I witnessed many a beautifully dressed person during my day of working. I saw an amazing pair of Miu Miu teacup heels (which I was incredibly jealous of), the wonderful peter-pan-collared Orla Kiely number, and many many other things that caught my eye.
One lady had a sort of pointed shouldery-wing type contraption on her shoulders, each with a row of about ten barbie heads stitched along it... it was just a little bit of a head turner. :)

It was so interesting to be around people that have such a strong personal style, it inspired me in a way, into a new way of thinking :) When I see all these people wearing crazy outfits, I never look at them and think 'oh my gosh, what ARE you wearing?' but instead, I think to myself how incredible they are to put together and wear such an outfit, but also I admire them for having the confidence to pull it off, and also how the fact it is obvious that they are so passionate about their own personal style.

I did not really expect to see anyone famous, although after chatting to the other volunteers, I got slightly excited and started to become constantly on the look out for anyone I knew. It's hard to look for those well knowns when there are so many people who are dressed in such a way that they look like they should be celebrities!
But, for those of you who watch Britains Next Top Model, you will know Louis Mariette... (the headwear/hats/jewellery designer/ judge on BNTM) he was there! & came over and said hello, and did his signature pout for a nearby photographer :)

My feet hurt, and I have to be up again super early in the morning, but I shall be writing about my day tomorrow & any exciting events :)

Have a happy weekend!


  1. my feet were killing me after the first day - i had to wear flats after that! LOL! xxxx

  2. Hey sophiee!
    Wow i didnt no you were working! were you the one giving out passes on the first day? if so thankyou for giving me mine! hehe
    Aaah its so cool that you got to see Ashish, wasn't it great! lucky that was the one hehe
    The brogues were actually vintage which is great, i've never heard of vintage shoes on a catwalk!
    thanks for commenting, i've enjoyed reading about youre experience, i agree, people watching is an awesome hobby!

  3. hope you had a good day! My feet hurt lots over fashion week too..! ouch x