Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ashish A/W10 at London Fashion Week!

Little bit of a long time no posting... working at London Fashion Week AND London Fashion Weekend has sort of been eating up a large amount of my time recently!
So, on my last day of LFW, I was allowed to pop into the catwalk tent and watch the first show of the day! This was incredibly exciting, as up until then I had not actually experienced the catwalk!

I hadn't heard of Ashish before I saw this show, but one of the girls that I worked with told me that he is quite well known for his amazing use of sequins!
Take a look at the video of the show below:
(make sure you wait a little while for it to load in HD, it's well worth it!)

So many things in this collection amazed me! Firstly, the sequinned pyjamas (who doesn't want a pair of those?!) were incredible. Actually, all the sequinned pieces were, they had such a liquid movement and looked so wonderful and sparkly under the huge catwalk lights.
The collection was described on the program as for 'this season's heroine, who recently gave up winters spent huddled round a yak dung fire for lazy days in the Mediterranean sunshine with the Abramovitchs as neighbours'.
Titled 'Ashishistan'.
Lots of silks, knits and sequins were used, and many outfits were had sequinned garments paired up with large chunky knits- making them quite contrasting, one being more evening wear and glamorous and the other being very casual, slouchy and comfortable.
Also, all the models had awesome colourful socks on, worn with vintage brogues! I like this, as you don't usually see much vintage on the catwalk!

The one piece that caught my eye the most, and made me stare intently at it the entire way up and down the catwalk, was this looovely waistcoat covered in buttons...

Image from vogue.co.uk

Good afternoon Mr button waistcoat, can I wear you please?

Both images from dazeddigital.com

The instant I saw this, I wanted one of my own. It's just too awesome.
So therefore, I have set myself a future project to do (and collect a huge amount of buttons in the meantime...) and make myself my own version of this!

I already have the rest of the outfit planned in my mind. I like planning outfits in my head for occasions that don't exist yet, but eventually there will be a time and a place to wear them :)
I would wear this to the festival I plan to go to in the summer (first festival evverr! excited :D) and wear it over an oversize floaty white shirt, denim shorts, wellies and a wonderful straw panama hat, which I am currently searching for.

Expect alot more posting & making now I am not working a 14 hour day anymore!
I can now give in to the pile of fabric sitting in the corner. Yayy :)


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  2. These pictures are fabulous! I love Ashish, the stuff thats in topshop are so lovely! xxx

  3. HILARIOUS! Sequin pyjamas! I love the cable knit jumpers. So gorgeous.

    Good luck with your button waistcoat. Great idea :)