Friday, 19 February 2010

London Fashion Week, Day #1

After an incredibly early start, I arrived at Somerset House in the morning!
I spent most of my day printing out exhibition passes, re-stocking show bags generally helping people with information on the event :)

The thing I definitely enjoyed most throughout the day, was watching everyone coming in and out, and witnessing some of the most awesome/crazy/incredible outfits! There was so much style in the room I was not quite sure what to do with myself... I wish we were allowed to take pictures! Alasss, due to the fact I was working, I was not allowed to use my camera :(
BUT! I witnessed many a beautifully dressed person during my day of working. I saw an amazing pair of Miu Miu teacup heels (which I was incredibly jealous of), the wonderful peter-pan-collared Orla Kiely number, and many many other things that caught my eye.
One lady had a sort of pointed shouldery-wing type contraption on her shoulders, each with a row of about ten barbie heads stitched along it... it was just a little bit of a head turner. :)

It was so interesting to be around people that have such a strong personal style, it inspired me in a way, into a new way of thinking :) When I see all these people wearing crazy outfits, I never look at them and think 'oh my gosh, what ARE you wearing?' but instead, I think to myself how incredible they are to put together and wear such an outfit, but also I admire them for having the confidence to pull it off, and also how the fact it is obvious that they are so passionate about their own personal style.

I did not really expect to see anyone famous, although after chatting to the other volunteers, I got slightly excited and started to become constantly on the look out for anyone I knew. It's hard to look for those well knowns when there are so many people who are dressed in such a way that they look like they should be celebrities!
But, for those of you who watch Britains Next Top Model, you will know Louis Mariette... (the headwear/hats/jewellery designer/ judge on BNTM) he was there! & came over and said hello, and did his signature pout for a nearby photographer :)

My feet hurt, and I have to be up again super early in the morning, but I shall be writing about my day tomorrow & any exciting events :)

Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

London Fashion Week

There'll be less of me making things in the next couple of weeks (but my Wardrobe Refashion Pledge is due to start March 1st!), as I am working at London Fashion Week & Weekend :)
I'll be reporting back here most days,
to share my excitement and various experiences whilst working there!

I'm working really long hours, so I expect I will be completely exhausted
but it will definitely be worth it! I'm so excited :D

and for now, I shall leave you with these beauties that I came across on another blog!
If only I could make shoes like this...



From the current window display @ Printempts department store, Paris

More on the display here!
Images from Haute World &

I'll be back forsome reporting soooon!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another handmade dresss! :)

So, I've been doing a fabulous amount of procrastinating with my uni work,
and spending the time on things like this...

My new gathered waist, long sleeved vintage-y print dress!
I made the pattern by pinning various bit of newspaper to myself and cutting it to fit.
Not the most professional ways of making a dress, buuuuut it fits me perfectly!

It has a high slash neckline, with puffy long sleeves, and a loosely gathered waist

Made from a lovely browny-beige floral print fabric,
which I got on sale for £1.99/m :)!

...and showing the sleeve and cuff close up.

I'm thinking of using this dress in my next project for uni- we're meant to compile a 5 page fashion spread for a magazine of our choice. (I'm still deciding on this!) We must style the shoot, choose a location and collaborate with a photography student from our university!

We were also told to go to and get ourselves a title, and I chose
'Organic Ambience' - so I think the browny, earth tones may suit the title!

More on that later, I must get back to my research :)

Monday, 1 February 2010


So, long time no posting! :( This has been due to a rather lots of work and a looming deadline, (which has now passed) BUT!
I am officially now free to start a few projects I have been waiting to start, and am very excited about :) I have a rather large bag of fabric just waiting to be set upon...

So until then, I shall share with you a few of the purchases that I made over the weekend-

I have been after a pocket watch for years now, and finally found one that I could afford! Just about...
This wonderful pocket watch is from Topshop, and cost me £18!
(Usually £20, I love my student discount card)

I've worn it every day, ever since bought it :)

Now I have a bit of time, I can start some bedtime reading again! The two books are 'Grandma's Wisdom' by Lee Faber- this is a charming little book full of random tips and advice that only a Grandma would know! I have a feeling I will discover some very useful things from it :)
The second is 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov- I have read a lot about this book on other blogs, and I was intrigued...

...and THESE pretties, are my looovely new Laura Ashley wellies :) They're from Homebase of all places?! I wanted some festival wellies for the summer, as attending a festival is on my 'to do' list for the summer holiday, and I'm already getting excited :D

Ooh, and I received a blog award from Miss Kavita @ iheartvintagex !

Thank you :)

& the conditions are, I must pass it on to 6 other blogs that I think deserve it too...

So here goes!


Keep a look out for my upcoming makingss!