Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Finished prototypes: Toiles :)

For this current project, we have to design and make 4 garments in keeping with the theme and concept derived from our personal research :)
I have chosen 4 of my designs to make, and here are my toile prototypes (all made from calico) that I have recently made!

Garment number 1 - Roses dress:

I made this from an adapted corset (without cups) patten, after elongating each panel to create the skirt and also adapting it to have a one shoulder strap.

I added an eyelet fastening at the back to allow a comfortable and close fit of the dress on the body. I am still yet to decide as to whether I will put corset boning in the final piece!

Here is a close up of the knitted rose on the dress! Hopefully, the final dress that I make will be covered in these knitted roses made out of all different colours and sizes.
Take a peek at the sketch below:

I made the knitted roses by knitting a long thin strip, just over a meter long, on the Brother knitting machines at uni. They are so easy to use and knit so quickly! (But are rather temperamental...) I then used a special folding technique that I learned a while ago at school, to make the strips into roses. I plan to use ribbon and lace too!

Garment number 2- Cable knit jersey jumper:

Now this one took me the longest to make out of all my toiles! I graded up a basic long sleeved stretch t-shirt pattern by 2 sizes to create a baggy look. I then hand-knitted 2 cuffs with ribbing (knit 2, purl 2) and also hand-knitted a ribbed collar and hem (however I never actually got round to sewing on the knitted hem..oops). I also hand-knitted a large cable panel to go in the centre front of the jumper, and put two little Aida cross stitch bows through the gaps in the cabling. (These will be embroidered in the real version!)

A close up of the bows and cabling - I had to hand stitch all the knitted bits onto the jersey, which took foreverrr!

Garment number 3- Peter pan collar puff sleeve blouse:

I have made the collar so that it is detachable, and with the final garment, I will make 2 versions of the collar. One in the tapestry fabric that you can see in the background, and one in the cross stitch fabric, embroidered with the pattern from my Grandma's carpet!

Garment number 4 - High waisted turn up shorts:

Apologies if you cannot see them very well, I had to model them myself as they don't fit my poor mannequin, as she is without legs :(
When I make the final version of these shorts, I will make them from the tapestry fabric hat you can see in the background, and also not have the lining showing on the pockets!

They fasten up with a concealed zip at the side :)

Let me know what you think! I will show you the finals in a few weeks once they are finally finished!



  1. I absolutely adore all of your garments, especially the peter pan top and shorts. You are so talented xx

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous - I can't wait to see the finished items, they look pretty stunning already just in the calico! I really like the puff sleeve blouse.


  3. The fit of the dress is pretty impressive. And it isn't even boned?! I'm very curious to see your designs in the final fabrics, it's looking great so far.

  4. these are great! (especially the second one)

  5. Will you be opening a store? I love your stuff. Especially the cable knit!

  6. Great designs! You're very creative and I recognise a fashion student when I see one. :) xx a dutch fashion brander graduate

  7. These are incredible, I'd totally buy them! (I was considering it as I looked) so very talented!! xx

  8. absolutely beautiful, and these are only the toiles!

  9. the corset back is a lovely idea! I think it brings so much to the one-strap design. ^_^
    And the cable knit jersey jumper is so creative. I didn't know you could knit on a machine! Maybe I did---in the back of my mind, about a place in China with huge turbine devices that pop out cable knit cardigans--but in my present mind, I just thought you had to take a seat, get comfortable, and pull out those knitting needles!

  10. Gorgeous clothing! I wish you could make something for me!:)


  11. oh my gosh, you are amazing! these are so inspirational :) next year im doing retail buying, which has a bit of design thrown in too, and i just hope i can get as good as this! these make all my clothes look, well, rubbish :) i think the blouse is my favourite :) x jenny