Thursday, 27 January 2011

In the post this morning...

I got THESE!

I had them custom made :D
Very excited to put them in all the things I make!



  1. oh my goodness! that is so exciting! :D

  2. These are so cute, and what a great idea x

  3. Wow, how nice! They look beautiful :)

  4. hello lovely!
    i came across your blog, and i love it!! i love handmade things, i'm not very good but i had a go at it today, check out my most recent post!:)!
    these labels are amazing!!
    i scrolled down your page and i love your sketchbook - i do graphics and my sketchbook is like my bible! yours looks x10 better though ahha!!

    following! :)
    love, ruth xo

  5. These are amazing, such talent! x

    p.s I put you in my stylish blogger awards! (

  6. thankyou for your lovely comment :)
    i've just reread your blog.. and you've made me want to make things.. again! xo

  7. these are lovely! where did you get them? I really need some! Haha :) And I just started reading your blog the day before yesterday and I already love it, your designs are beautiful :)

  8. wow where did you get those from? so cute! will look lovely when you get them sewn onto stuff. x