Monday, 3 January 2011


Hello there lovelies! Happy 2011 :)

I wont start by apologising for the lack of posts on here, (I'm a rubbish blogger!) as it seems to be a standard beginning to each and every one of my posts! This is not good at all. So I have made a new years resolution, to start posting LOTS more :)

I have lots of ideas to start sharing with you, DIYs, updates on my uni work and even some of the projects I was working on at the end of last year. So keep your eyes peeeeeeled!

I'm now back at my uni house, after a much enjoyed Christmas of being at home, eating too much, drinking too much (tea), and generally enjoying the luxuries of heating, dish washers and home cooking. I also had the joy of a large burden of having a large amount of uni work to do! (I'll be sharing this work with you soon!)

I hope you all have had a lovely festive Christmas holiday,
and also a wonderful New Year :)

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  1. Hello there. I've been a silent reader of your blog for many months. :) I love your DIY posts. I look forward to hearing more soon. :D

    Much Love,