Sunday, 21 June 2009

DIY Project #3 - The Heart Handbag

This was a long one. It took aaages, with all the fiddling with eyelets and handsewing...
& I'm quite glad I have finished at last :)

I wanted a heart shaped bag for my sixth form end-of-year prom
to go with my new floaty moschino dress ()
I had found this one:-

But at £22, I thought it was a bit expensive, so I set about making my own,
using a heart shaped box that I found (originally from Ikea), some black satin, a cream silk scarf, some gold chain and a few eyelets.

First of all, I used some good old spray mount
to attach the black satin to the outer part of the heart shaped box.

I then finished off the edges,
and made a 'bridge' to go between the two halves,
so they allow the two to stretch apart, using some black lining fabric,
with elastic sewn into the top.

I then cut the cream silk scarf in half,
and hand sewed the pieces into the inner of each heart piece...which was extremely fiddly.

I then put two eyelets in each side, for the chain to go through,
and then threaded the gold chain strap through the holes.

Here's my final outcome!


& it cost me about £5...
i just hope it lasts the night and doesn't fall apart!



  1. This is absolutely fantastic! I am so so impressed and inspired by this!

    You would never be able to tell its home made


  2. That's a nice handbag. Very elegant. And is full of love. Lol. But really, it's beautiful. And the best thing is, you can make this by yourself.