Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Wow. Long time no posting for mee! Poor little rejected blog :(
Well seeing as I have now started my course at uni, I should be able to post more often, and make alot more things to write posts on!

Just thought I would share the men's jacket that I made for my Product Design Textiles A level.


It had a zip in/out (removable) waistcoat. Below is the jacket without the waistcoat.
I think I prefer it like this :)

Thank you to the lovely boy who modeled for me
My mum thinks he looks like a real malemodel. I don't think was very impressed with this :)
Also, thank you for allowing me use of the fancy camera!
The amount of hours of my life that I spent on this jacket were rewarded with a grade A and full marks. Goodtimes.

Anyway. I shall stop rejecting my blog as of now, as I am sure I will be making/doing lots of interesting things throughout the years of my BA Fashion studies degreeee!


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