Friday, 14 May 2010

Up-cycle Project: Lining a Vintage Suitcase!

I managed to get this beauty (along with 3 other large vintage suitcases) on ebay for just £1!
I also got the red floral corduroy fabric from an offcut bin at my local fabric shop for free, because I bought so much fabric in there, = cost for this project, about 25p :)

Here's the before picture...

I measured the bottom square of the suitcase, and measured the area of each side panel
and then cut out a piece of fabric for each area with 1cm seam allowance added.

I then glued the fabric into the suitcase, using pegs all around the outside to allow the fabric to stick properly and to hold it in place.

Once dry, I took off the pegs and had a pretty inside to my suitcase!

I'm planning to do this to the other 3 suitcases that I bought oh so cheaply,
but that will have to wait until I have finished uni for the summer.
I only have a week left!


  1. What a lovely idea (yet again!) I will have to try this out! x
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  2. I love vintage suitcases - I think you've done a wonderful job with this diy project :)

    stop by my blogs!

  3. I have a bunch of suitcases that could use new linings. I was terrified to try it but you made it look easy!

  4. this is a great idea to modernise the suitcase

  5. I've always wanted to do this, but not known how to stick the fabric in! Might have to try it now :).

    And 25p? Amazing! x

  6. It’s amazing, what you've done to this suitcase! You've turned it into something unbelievably charming! The red floral corduroy fabric gives a countryside feel to it. This would be best to carry during an afternoon trip.