Thursday, 27 May 2010

The finished bag!

Hello! Long time no blogging, but I have been enjoying my new found freedom after finally finishing university for the summer :)
To celebrate my parent's 25th wedding anniversary and my sister's 16th birthday, my family and I spent the weekend in Paris, the most beautiful city I have ever seen! I definitely didn't want to leave, and I need to go back to wandering the Parisian streets, munching on delicious macaroons, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
I have many pictures, but I took them on my little Holga and my OM1 Olympus manual camera, and have yet to get the films developed! I'll share them soon if any come out successfully :)

But anyway, bag to my bag!
This is the finished product for my latest university Design and Realisation project, where we had to make a top, bag and accessory (pictures of bag and top will follow!)
I based my research and inspiration on Marie Antoinette & The Sex Pistols and had a running theme of 'pretty things and destruction'- where I would take something classically pretty and girly and destroy it to capture the essence of both.

Here is the clutch bag that I made, with cameo embroidery detailing (that I showed you in my previous post!). I made the metal frame in the workshop at uni, and spray painted it. I also lined it, and attached 3 ribbon roses which I had 'destroyed' using a blowtorch!

Below is an inside view- not the neatest job though!

Here's a close up of the snap clutch at the top:

I'll have the top and accessory to show you soon, along with Paris pictures!
I hope you're all enjoying the British sunshine :)



  1. wow, that is so pretty! sophie does indeed make wonderful things! x

  2. Wow that bag is amazing!!!
    i wish i could have it.. :)
    you make really pretty things :)
    looking forward to more..


  3. WOW, you are amazing. i have just starting embroidery, i have whims of creativity you see. You are so much better than me. i hope you had a good time in paris, i'm jealous, oh so jealous. x.x

  4. I looks amazing!
    Haha yeah Zumba was pretty fun but there were a loooot of old ladies

  5. a great idea, the embroidery on the front is gorgeous. very creative!

  6. Aaah I LOVE that theme! Such a good idea - and the result is amazing :). I'd buy one in the shops! x

  7. Thankyou so much for that tip-off about the collars! I'm heading to eBay right now! x