Saturday, 12 December 2009

CSL Vintage Finds :)

These are my lovely little finds that I got at the Clothes Show :)

(as modelled by suze my falling-apart mannequin!)

Dress #1:

I had to shorten this one a bit, but it only cost me £5!
It feels so nice to wear, all airy and floaty! It is very well made as well, as were all the clothes that were made a while ago (compared to stuff in primark these days!)

Dress #2:

This one is equally lovely, and cost me £10!
I also had to shorten this one, and hand sew it, due to it being made from a stretchy fabric!

Dress #3:
(not one of the vintage ones, but it was so pretty I couldn't not buy it...)

This is my planned new years dress, and I am verrryy excited to wear it!
I'm thinking of attempting to use the pattern of this dress to make myself another similar in a nice fabric!


I break up for christmas soon, so there will be more making projects on the way...


  1. i love the bottom dress... such a lucky find!

  2. I'm so jealous! I'm definitely going to have to go to Clothes Show next year because *fingers crossed* I'm off to brummy for uni.

    I looove the last dress - definitely try and make another one!!

  3. SO jealous of your finds! All 3 are amazing :D

    Kitty x