Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Excitement!

I've been excitedly preparing for christmas!
As a little coming-home-from-university celebration, I got to decorate the tree myself :)

I love doing this, because all the old decorations come out, and everyone can get all nostalgic about all the old decorations that you've had for years, and also finding the decorations you made when you were about 3, from paper mache and glitter!

After watching Kirsty's Homemade Home on channel 4 the other week, it really made me want to try out some of the things she got to do (If you want to watch it, go to 4od here)

Here's my handy work...
(I'm not sure if these pictures show how wonderfully warming the tree makes the room feel!)

I tied lots of little gold wired bows onto the tree!

...and also put on all our old handmade christmas decorations, which haven't been used since I was very little!

It makes the room all cosy :)

So, whilst on the subject of christmas, here are my specially wrapped up presents...

I wanted to do 'Brown paper packages tied up with string'
but I thought red wool was a little more festive :)

One more thing,
Ah this makes everything feel so much more christmassy :)
It started about 2 days ago, but I really hope we get a white christmas!

Night time snow...

The magical view in the daytime :)

Oh! So excited...
Also, the advent calender tells me it's 6 sleeps until christmas day!


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  1. Aw, I'm so disappointed we didn't have a white Christmas here!

    Those presents look so gorgeous!