Friday, 27 November 2009

Some of my recent university work!

I've been given so much work recently, and i'm nearly done! (ish...)

For my drawing unit of my course, the brief was to produce a sketchbook of ideas that could inspire clothing and/or silouettes,
based on a colour of my choice. I chose red :)

I used loads of different mediums; paint, pastel, ink, melted candle wax, tracing paper, thread and spray paint!

Here's a few pages of what I have done so far!
(You could call it experimenting, or you could call it mess...)

Still a lot more to do!
More to come when its finished...



  1. Those are so creative, i particularly love the first two. You're very talented :) xx

  2. These pictures are so pretty! :) x

  3. I wish I did artistic subjects :(. I miss doing sketchbooks and things!


  4. hi! I just stumbled across your blog and saw this post. I need to tell you that your work is brilliant, and I can't even imagine the beautiful clothes that would come of this : )