Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Finished Scarf!

The scarf is well and truely finished, and it is very, very long!
All the more scarf to wrap myself up in to keep myself warm in these gale force winds that we have here!

Hello cosyness
(excuse the failure of my editing... I have nowhere suitable to take pictures!)

So yes, there it is.
Comes in very handy on visits to the beach on a blustery day :)

Bag- thrifted, Cardigan- Vintage, Boots- Primark, Scarf- by me :)

It kept me very warm. Thanks scarf.



  1. Woweee, it looks so professional! I want a nice thick scarf to keep me warm :(.

    Coincidentally, I just finished knitting a scarf too, but mines a lot thinner and has loads of holes! Oh dear!


  2. I love it, I wish I had one like that! :( ♥
    P.s. Theres a competition on my blog, feel free to enter! x

  3. Awesome blog Sophie, nice to see it still going. As you may or may not have noticed I completely failed to keep mine alive, so well done and keep it up.

    Hope you're well. See you at Christmas!