Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Claim to fame... Black Mirror

I haven't shared my exciting new job that I got myself over the summer yet... but I managed to get employed as a seamstress on a freelance basis for a lovely lady who has her own dressmaking & alterations company!

During the summer I had a few projects to work on, (more I will share later!) but this was the most recent one I took part in :) Over the course of about 3 days, a team of five ladies and myself worked long and hard with hundereds of metres of grey jersey to make 65 zip-up jackets. This was a huuge order for us, a small team in a cosy sewing room with only the use of 2 overlockers and 3 sewing machines... but we managed to finish with 6 minutes to spare, and to top it all off, the courier came to pick up the order 5 minutes early!

... piles of jackets, and that isn't even half of them!

But the most exciting bit was being told they were to feature on a channel 4 show at some point in the future.. and then see them on the trailer for next week's episode!

I'll be watching this Sunday just to witness them in action :)

So yes. That's my bit of excitement for this week, as I have a project deadline this friday which has been taking over my life. Will share soon!