Friday, 5 August 2011

I do like making birthday presents #1

Back in May, its was my sister's 16th birthday
& I decided I would make her a birthday present. Due to my recent phase of much knitting (as you'll see soon with some of my 2nd year uni work!) I decided I would make her a knitted Tardis iPod/Phone case after seeing a few photos of similar things on tumblr.

I just knitted two basic squares with size 4.5mm needles in a navy wool,
and then embroidered the squares for the windows and the 'Police Box' at the top.
I also incorporated a small fold over piece at the top for the Tardis 'light', which has a popper sewn onto it to fasten the case at the top. This then allowed a gap for headphones to escape whilst in use :)

I think she's happy with it :) haha!


Monday, 1 August 2011

Things that make me smile...

I must say that you all seemed to like my DIY teacup pincushion, I even got a couple of you showing me your handy work when trying it for yourself!

Here's one from Swaen:

And one from Jo! (You'll be seeing some of her later...)

They're so beautiful :)
It made me so happy to see people trying it out!
If anyone else has had a go, I'd love to see.